Custom Framing

This is the most common question we get asked. Unfortunately we cannot give a simple answer to how much will it cost to frame your item. There are over 2000 different frames to choose from as well as hundreds of mat choices and multiple types of glass. Also the type of item being framed will have an effect on the price. What we can say that most clients usually spend between 100 and 300 dollars for a custom frame project. This is not to say that everything will start at 100 dollars. We are here to provide you the best service and if that means simply cutting a mat we will do that for you. In some circumstances we can do what is called a "shop choice" for you. This is where you leave the design up to us and we will provide you with a beautiful custom frame for your project at around 50% of the regular price. If you are interested in this service just bring in your item and we can determine if it will qualify. Stretching canvas, fixing broken glass and frames, mounting and other small items like adding a wire or cutting a mat are easy for us to quote. We just need the specific details either by phone or email and we will get back to you with a price right away. 


Like custom framing there are many variables that go into our printing services. The cost to scan or image your work will depend on the quantity and type of work that is being imaged. Likewise the cost to restore a damaged photo will be dependent on the damage and how much time it will take us to complete. The cost to print something is also dependent on the size and type of media you want it printed on. The best thing to do is to contact us with what you want printed and we can provide you a quote. Sometimes a client wants to know if an image they have can be enlarged to a certain size. We are happy to provide advice as to how large your image can be printed at no cost. Simply email or upload your photo to a file sharing website and we can go from there. 


The cost per signature is 15 dollars. This is the notary price in Sacramento as well as all of California. Midtown Framing in Sacramento always has a notary available during business hours.