Types of Custom framing in Sacramento

Fine Art and Photography

We specialize in conservation framing. Your fine art will be framed using the latest in conservation materials that our industry has to offer. We use only conservation materials in every fine art frame that we do. All of our work uses acid free backing, matting and UV protective glass from Tru Vue. We use mounting techniques that are as non invasive as possible allowing your fine art to be removed and returned to its original condition. The frame should be a way to display and protect your fine art as well as complement it. We will often use these same techniques with your photographs as well. Although sometimes we will press mount photos; doing so depends on the artwork itself. Each item is different and we analyze them to determine how it should be framed. We take protecting your artwork seriously and so should you. 

Jersey Framing

We frame jersey's all the time. From professional sports teams to your child's soccer team we do it. Every jersey we do is hand sewn to an acid free backdrop mat. We include an acid free board within the jersey to give it as smooth a look as possible. Once mounted each jersey is placed into a shadowbox frame using UV protective framers grade acrylic or the glazing of your choice. We make sure that each jersey is floating in the frame and does not come into contact with the glazing. Our goal is to provide you with a perfect looking jersey that is just floating without noticeable pressure points or unsightly plastic tags. Most jerseys take about 6 hours to complete. We can include photos and other memorabilia along with the jersey as well. Everything is totally custom and up to you. Jersey framing in Sacramento is not hard to come by. Here at Midtown Framing in Sacramento we do our best to provide you with the perfect custom framing in Sacramento. 

Custom Mirrors

We do custom mirrors! Do you have a bathroom you just remodeled and are now in need of a mirror but cannot find the right style or size? No worries we can do it for you. All we need from you is the total size of the area you want to be covered and we can do the rest. Just come in and we can help you determine the frame style that will fit your location best. You can choose from flat mirror or we can even do any size with a custom bevel to fit your needs. We can also reframe an existing mirror of yours if you desire. We also offer delivery and installation to take the worrying out of it.

Diplomas and Certificates

Just  graduated? Got an award? We are here to help. We can help guide you to finding the perfect frame to fit your office or location that will house your accomplishment. We treat these documents as originals and therefore get the fine art framing treatment so they will stay good forever. 


We often frame memorabilia. War medals, concert tickets, trophies, coins, guitars, guns, knives, jewelry, Navajo rugs, quilts, t-shirts, boxing gloves, baseballs, golf balls, tees, flags and one time we even framed a part off of a race car that was crashed. The ideas and items are limitless. 

Everything Else

We have seen just about everything. But every now and then we will be surprised. If you have something unique we would love to work with it. Feel free to bring it in. We also stretch canvas.